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Emo Speedway8/27/2022Emo Street Stocks
Full Results
Emo Speedway8/27/2022WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Emo Speedway8/27/2022WISSOTA Modifieds
Full Results
Emo Speedway8/21/2022Emo Street Stocks
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Emo Speedway8/21/2022WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Emo Speedway8/21/2022WISSOTA Modifieds
Full Results

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Emo Street Stocksas of 8/27/2022
Full Points
WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 8/27/2022
Full Points
WISSOTA Modifiedsas of 8/27/2022
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4 Cylindersas of 7/2/2022
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Driver Bios

Kyle BoltRosslyn, ON#77
Lindsey BourreRainy River, ON#4U
Chris BouwmanGarson, MB#4c
Stephan BrownStratton, ON#3X
Steve BruyereFort Frances, ON#38
David CarukThunder Bay, ON#12
Dawson AllenFort Frances, ON#4A
Cory BertrandSlate River, ON#246
Chris BouwmanGarson, MB#4c
Dayton BradyKakabeka Falls, ON#02
Cameron BrownRainy River, ON#4jr
Tyler BrownRainy River, ON#44
Nick AudetteSt. Adolphe, MB#20
Edward BellWinnipeg, MB#14
Cory BertrandSlate River, ON#246
Dan BertrandNeebing, ON#146
Hunter BessonEast St. Paul, MB#4bjr
Wyatt BoyumInternational Falls, MN#21
Dustin AlcockKenora, ON#177
Bruce BerringerKenora, ON#12
Katelyn DennhardtNeebing, ON#99KD
Cameron EllisThunder Bay, ON#9E
Trevor LaneThunder Bay, ON#88
Jake MazurDryden, ON#33

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