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Emo Speedway6/15/2024Emo Street Stocks
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Emo Speedway6/15/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Emo Speedway6/15/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
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Emo Speedway6/8/2024Emo Street Stocks
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Emo Speedway6/8/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Emo Speedway6/8/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
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Emo Street Stocksas of 6/15/2024
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WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 6/15/2024
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WISSOTA Modifiedsas of 6/15/2024
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4 Cylinders/Hornetsas of 5/19/2024
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Emo Speedway Schedule - 2022

Emo Street Stocks

As of 8/27/2022
PosCarDriverHometownWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
155Tylar WilsonFort Frances, ON11010111102-
233Garett GamsbyStratton, ON281011107725
357Darrin Rea (R)Kenora, ON3812103369
428Doug DerendorfFort Frances, ON2912102379
554xA.J. KellarDevlin, ON5899955147
645Sierra Happy (R)Fort Frances, ON4711952150
718Abraham Germain (R)Fort Frances, ON3910876226
854Dean KellarDevlin, ON788772330
93xJesse ThompsonEmo, ON478716386
1024TLyle ThompsonFort Frances, ON368707395
1115rRaice WestoverFort Frances, ON5666667435
1238Steve BruyereFort Frances, ON57600502
1380Darren DerendorfFort Frances, ON57576526
1424Andrew PiiloNolalu, ON244384718
1512David CarukThunder Bay, ON234355747
1607Colt GermainSlate River, ON23246856
177Andrew TrimbleDevlin, ON13233869
1825RIPJames WallStanley, MB222198904
1986Kevin Desserre (R)Dryden, ON112179923
20555Johnny StaalSlate River, ON12175927
2177Kyle Bolt (R)Rosslyn, ON12171931
2248Jaden PiiloNolalu, ON2154948
2325Kathryn StiehKamanistiqua, ON12148954
246Spencer ReidThunder Bay, ON2148954
2523Steven PiiloNolalu, ON2142960
264ULindsey BourreRainy River, ON1811021
274UAbby GamieEmo, ON1791023
2832Cory Ward (R)Kakabeka Falls, ON1641038

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