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Emo Speedway5/19/2024Emo Street Stocks
Full Results
Emo Speedway5/19/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Emo Speedway5/19/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
Full Results
Emo Speedway5/19/20244 Cylinders/Hornets
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Emo Speedway5/18/2024Emo Street Stocks
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Emo Speedway5/18/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
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Emo Speedway5/18/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
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Emo Street Stocksas of 5/19/2024
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WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 5/19/2024
Full Points
WISSOTA Modifiedsas of 5/19/2024
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4 Cylinders/Hornetsas of 5/19/2024
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SpouseLucy Wilson

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Alyssa Strachan

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
Season Opener- Sponsored by West End Motors & M.L. Judson Trucking
Gary Wilson (WISSOTA Modifieds)5th--8th
Season Opener- Sponsored by North Country Track & Wheel
Gary Wilson (WISSOTA Modifieds)4th--10th (DNF)

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